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The Flavours You Should Look For When Buying Cocktails Online In The UK

Unfortunately, the nightlife establishments that you may have enjoyed in the past, such as Moonshine Saloon and Alcotraz, are no longer open, so rather than spending your weekends socialising with friends whilst enjoying a beverage or two, you are instead confined to your home. However, this does not necessarily mean that you cannot enjoy yourself. We, for instance, have taken to offering a delivery service, so that you can sample our cocktails at home. Below, you can find examples of some of our most sought-after bottles.


Whilst certainly not for the fainthearted, there is no denying that in the right environment, a margarita can go down a treat. What makes this markedly different from the other drinks on this list is the way that salt is incorporated. Traditionally, you will find this around the rim of the glass – the reason for this is that it is meant to enhance and accentuate the punch which stems from the tequila. Lime juice also has a major part of play, as this can help you to savour the drink over a longer period of time.

Espresso Martini

For many years, martinis have been one of the go-to cocktails for people on a night out. However, recently, mixologists have looked to tweak the formula, in order to make a completely different concoction. It is from this that the espresso martini came to be. The coffee liquor is easily the most noticeable deviation from the original recipe, and the reason for this is that it offers a smoky after-taste which many people have said is unlike anything else they have ever tried.

Old Fashioned

An old fashioned is a cocktail which certainly does not receive the level of praise or appreciation that it deserves – much of this is down to the fact that its primary ingredient is whisky, which is an acquired taste. Extremely simple to make, but hard to master, this is something that will leave you wanting more after a sip or two. The sugar and bitters which are used are meant to try and dull the intensity of the spirit, therefore allowing you to experiment with something that you may have previously been uninterested in.


In case you didn’t already know, cosmopolitans are by far-and-away the most popular cocktail consumed within the UK. Rather strong, its two main components are vodka and triple sec, meaning that it has quite a bite to it. However, this is balanced out well by the abundance of cranberry juice which is used during the mixing phase. For those of you that would like a more authentic experience, after ordering we suggest serving with a small lime wedge, as the tartness is a welcome addition to the overall flavour.

Want our help?

If you are someone that has tried to follow cocktail recipes at home, but have been unable to replicate your favourite drinks, you may think that turning to a cocktail delivery service is the solution. By doing so, you eliminate the hassle and stress associated with having to mix cocktails by yourself. Instead, you can enjoy delicious pre-mixed bottles that will leave you in a world of pleasure. Should this be something that you would be interested in, enlisting the help of Alcotraz might be just the solution that you have been looking for.

The well-crafted cocktails that we have in our collection are first-class in terms of quality, and have proven themselves to be incredibly popular. We would love to hear from you if you are entertaining the idea of placing an order. Why not complete and submit the enquiry form on our website today, and take the first step towards having our wonderful tipples at your property?