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What Makes For The Perfect Immersive Experience At A Bar?

In truth, there are various types of immersive experiences which can be had when going to a bar. Some places, for instance, look to try and draw focus to their particularly niche setting; others might wish to make their menu the main attraction. As a themed bar which has found much success over the past few years, Alcotraz is pleased to be able to provide you with a short guide regarding the types of features that you should look out for.

Overarching Theme

The first thing that you need to try and determine is whether or not they have a theme that they have based their establishment on. With the spike in popularity that escape rooms and puzzle-solving activities have received in the past few years, this is certainly something which a bar could use to their advantage. In the case of Alcotraz, we have sought to try and take inspiration from the notorious prohibition era that America went through in the middle of the twentieth century.

Intensive Characters

What truly makes a themed bar successful is the way in which their staff interact with customers. In order for you to completely commit to the immersive experience, each and every moment of your journey should be enhanced by the actions of those around you. Actors and bar tenders, for instance, should try to use language that their characters would have been known for. They may be slightly aggressive and hostile, or look to adopt a little more of a reserved approach. In either of these instances, the results will certainly be to your liking.

Innovative Drinks

A theme should not only have an obvious effect on the surroundings that you are subjected to – it should also be evident in the drinks that you are offered. It could be that, instead of classic glasses, you are instead provided with tumblers which are era-appropriate. These are designed to try and help you embrace the unfamiliar territory that you are in. This can be aided by the fact that you might be given an outfit at the beginning of your experience, as this will give you a totally new outlook on your time there.

Special Occasions

It is important to keep in mind that the key to a well-run establishment is the ability to adapt to different scenarios. Case-and-point, limited-time events go a long way in securing new customers. For those of you that value adaptability, this is not something that you want to overlook. Should you, for example, be trying to arrange a top-tier stag or hen do, it is worth checking to see if they can accommodate you, and provide a special twist on proceedings.

Start Your Journey Today

For those of you that are sick-and-tired of visiting the same boring pubs and drinking establishments, and are trying to broaden their horizons, Alcotraz or Moonshine Saloon might offer the alternative that you have been searching high-and-low for. We specialise in getting our customers out of their comfort zone, and providing them with a creative immersive experience which is entirely different from that which they would find in the real world.

The theme of our bar, which you may have already deduced, revolves around the American prison with which we share a similar name with. As bootleggers, you will be able to see what life was like behind bars. If this sounds like something that you can get on board with, it is easier than ever to book a slot – all you need to do is follow the instructions on our website’s contact page, and we will be sure to get back to you as quickly as possible.