A Saloonless Nation and a Stainless Flag

Coldwater, Kansas, May 29 1914






Today marks an important day in US history as the infamous Clyde Casssidy has finally been caught! America’s Most Wanted Liquor Smuggler  will now see out his remaining days behind bars in the country’s newest and most feared prison, Alcotraz Penitentiary. Alcotraz will see Cassidy become the newest inmate amongst a long list of infamous criminals, however, many fear that even Alcotraz cannot stop Cassidy and his liquor smuggling empire. Cassidy rose to fame, with his self styled title, The King of The Moonshiners. His identity was unknown until eventually he was caught after being on the run fro the murder. 



I hope this letter finds you well


I understand the news of your sentencing may appear bad but fear not! having been America’s most wanted liquor smuggler you learn to keep your enemies close. I’ve got the Guards on my side……it’s the Warden you need to look out for!

Find a way to get a bottle of your favourite spirit into the joint and get it to me. The Guards have let me smuggle in homemade syrups, juices and bitters from the outside, so if you can get your liquor inside, my gang will be sure to fix you up something that really tickles your fancy!


You never know, y'all might enjoy it in here!


See you behind bars, 

Clyde Cassidy, Inmate #1408

Following the events that unfolded at Moonshine Saloon, Clyde Cassidy, went on to become a Wanted Man in all forty-eight States of America. The Law eventually caught up with Cassidy and his gang and their destiny was inevitable, life behind bars at the newly established Alcotraz Penitentiary. Most of the details of the Penitentiary remain only in the knowledge of a select few Government Officials, however, what is known is that there are a collection of secret Cell Blocks dotted all over the country, which serve as a home to the worst of the worst.


Since Cassidy’s incarceration at Alcotraz, it's true that a leopard never changes its spots, and Cassidy has managed to turn the Penitentiary as crooked as his old Saloon. For any convicted convicts, it is best to get on the good side of Cassidy and his gang. Whilst The Wardens appear to run the Cell Blocks, really it’s the inmates.

Below is a note that Clyde Cassidy managed to get to you from the inside...

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