Alcotraz Cell Block Two One Two opens its shutters to an exclusive cocktail masterclass behind bars for an intimate group experience. 


New Inmates will learn the stories behind illegally brewed prison hooch along with a step by step guide to three special brews in a private ward of Alcotraz Penitentiary out of the sight of The Warden…after all liquor is still prohibited behind bars! One of the crooked guards will be on hand to help keep the operation a secret and ensure the inmates aren’t suspected of a thing. 

Receive your orange prison jumpsuits and inmate numbers upon arrival, before experiencing the bar behind bars. 

Once shown to your cell, you'll enjoy a welcome home brewed hooch before being called to the visitation area to learn from expert mixologist. Inmate #88.

You'll learn step by step how to make three special cocktails created especially for the event..

And of course, enjoy your creations, out of the sight of The Warden.

Visiting Hours:

Shoreditch Venue

Every Tuesday 18:00 - 20:00 

Booking fee: £45.00

(Includes your prison pack for the duration of the sentence, 4 cocktails + 2 hours inside the prison)


Inventive Productions

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