• Moonshine Saloon
  • Alcotraz
The Story

Will you join the gang and smuggle liquor behind bars?

Following a life of crime, the law eventually caught up with Mr Clyde Cassidy and his gang of moonshiners and bootleggers. After a decade of running America’s most notorious liquor smuggling empire, their criminal activity eventually led them to life behind bars at the newly established Alcotraz Penitentiary. Most of the details of the Penitentiary remain only in the knowledge of a select few Government Officials, however, what is known is that there are a collection of secret Cell Blocks dotted all over the country, which serve as home to the worst of the worst.

Sometimes incarceration can’t change bad habits and the Cassidy gang have managed to turn the Guards of Alcotraz crooked, bribing them to help newly convicted inmates successfully smuggle in liquor past the Warden. Will you join the gang and smuggle liquor behind bars?

A collection of unique cocktail bars putting you at the centre of the story

Inspired by Hollywood Film and TV that have brought to life popular prison stories, Alcotraz is a theatrical immersive experience of the highest kind. From your very own orange jumpsuit upon entrance to the real metallic cells, Alcotraz venues are more than just themed cocktail bars, they combine the very best of immersive theatre with a world-class cocktail experience. Whether a birthday celebration, hen or a stag, date night or any reason to be locked behind bars, Alcotraz becomes the perfect backdrop to enjoy a quirky night out within an intimate, yet epic environment.

When convicted to Alcotraz, inmates are taken into an exciting world of mischief as they are instructed by notorious bootleggers from inside the joint to smuggle-in liquor to be used to make delicious, bespoke cocktails. You won’t find a set menu of drinks here…after all, it is prison! Alcotraz creates a range of tailored cocktails every night based on the liquor you bring and your tastes. Be as creative as you can with your attempts to smuggle-in liquor. Alternatively, the crooked Guards are on your side and have a system for hiding contraband. Just make sure The Warden doesn’t catch you.

Created by Inventive Productions, Alcotraz is one part of a series of immersive cocktail experiences that follow the legend of a notorious bootlegger and criminal, Mr Clyde Cassidy. Before or after serving your time, why not experience the crimes that led Mr Cassidy to incarceration by becoming a bootlegger in the Wild West and smuggling liquor into Moonshine Saloon or stay at home and enjoy the unique cocktail delivery experience Cassidy’s, a speakeasy apothecary used to smuggle you liquor under the disguise of treatments.