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Alcotraz Brighton
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Prison Cocktail Bar Brighton

Hidden below the unsuspecting seafront lies Alcotraz Brighton – also known as Cell Block One-Three – the secret basement home of our speakeasy prison. Despite being able to hear the sweet sound of crashing waves from your cell, your escape won’t be any easier. Your task is simple: smuggle liquor into the Penitentiary and spend your sentence being served delicious bespoke cocktails. Become part of the empire behind bars!

"One of the best experiences we’ve ever had! From the start the actors were welcoming and amazing. The ‘chicken soup’ was so tasty and made to perfection. Possibly the best cocktails we had in Brighton."
Kim Google
"We didn't really know what to expect. It was like being in a theatre, with drinks and you are playing part in it too. So much fun and worth the money. Great experience."
Monica Google
"A fun, immersive story where you are part of the action. The guards and Warden were great, and my friends and I really enjoyed smuggling our booze in and having it made into 'chicken soup' aka cocktails!"
Amy-Louise TripAdvisor

What to expect

Brighton’s Alcotraz Penitentiary promises to be one of the most unique nights out on the South East coast. 

Once convicted to spend their sentence at Alcotraz Brighton, inmates are led into an exciting world of mischief and notoriety, as they are challenged by an infamous bootlegging gang on the inside to smuggle in liquor. If you succeed, your contraband will be used to create a range of delectable cocktails; you won’t find a set menu of drinks to choose from here. After all, this is a prison!

The “serving” mixologists of Alcotraz Brighton will deliver a range of tailored cocktails based on the liquor you bring and your individual tastes – no two nights in this slammer are the same. You are encouraged to be as creative as possible when it comes to your smuggling attempts. Just remember, the guards are on your side, and can assist with your forbidden goods. All you have to do is avoid the Warden.


Not your average Brighton bar…

Looking for something different than the usual crowded bar scene? Well, Alcotraz Brighton is the place to be! Picture this: you and your crew stepping into your own private jail cell, complete with authentic jumpsuits, ready for an epic event like no other. Each experience is totally unique, so get ready for an adventure. Our crew of professional actors is all about making your private event unforgettable. Whether you’re up for an action-packed prison break or just want to kick back and enjoy the show from your cell, we’ve got you covered.

Need a one-of-a-kind team-building activity, a killer birthday party, or an epic get-together? Our private hire options let you customise the experience for your group. Work with us to come up with a storyline that suits your vibe, and let our expert mixologists whip up custom cocktails using the supplies you sneak in. Not a drinker? Our mixologists are just as adept at creating mocktails that are just as delicious, without the alcohol.


Visiting Hours

Closed for visitors

19:05 – 20:50

19:05 – 20:50

19:05 – 23:15

16:40 – 23:15

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14:15 – 18:25


Alcotraz Brighton: Cell Block One Three, Kings Road, Brighton, UK

How to get there

However you choose to enjoy your night out in Brighton, there’s plenty of ways to make your way down to the coast for a night in the slammer you’ll never forget. 

By train 

Coming to Brighton by train? Alcotraz is just a 15 minute walk away from Brighton train station, or seven minutes if you come to us by taxi.

By car

If your journey to us involves a car, there’s plenty of places to park within walking distance of Alcotraz Brighton:

  • Recency Square Car Park
  • The Lanes Car Park
  • Trafalgar Street Car Park
  • Churchill Square Green Car Park
  • JustPark, Jubilee Street
  • NCP Brighton Centre


For processing and conviction, we recommend that you wear light clothing as you will be required to wear a standard-issue Alcotraz orange jumpsuit (provided) for the duration of your stay.

Your experience will last 1 hour 45 minutes, and inmates will be provided with their own orange jumpsuit for the duration of their time behind bars.

Our standard-issue Alcotraz jumpsuits cater to all inmates, with sizes ranging from XS to 4XL. Please note that you are free to wear your jumpsuit as you wish to make it more comfortable, such as tying the arms around your waist.

The inmates you come across behind bars are highly skilled mixologists, and they work best with smuggled spirits. But, if you prefer wine or beer, this can also be served to you… If you can get it past the Warden.

Alcotraz operates a closed bottle policy, meaning we will not accept any bottles previously opened. Please only bring new, unopened and sealed bottles.

Inmates get approximately 4 personalised cocktails delivered by our expert mixologists, using the liquor you smuggle in with you. All liqueurs, bitters, syrups and other ingredients that go into making your cocktails are included in the ticket price, so all you need to bring is the liquor of your choice.

Alcotraz is an immersive experience where guests get absorbed into a storyline that is brought to life around them through characters including the Warden, the Guards and inmate Cassidy - all played by actors.

Those that really want to get involved will soon be trying out their American accent and telling the Warden what they are in for!

Those that would prefer to sit back and enjoy are welcome to do that too, whilst enjoying personalised cocktails in this unique and fun world.

Alcotraz may be an immersive experience, but is not scary. We have actors working inside the prison who help bring to life a fun, lighthearted experience for guests. However, if at any time guests do not act respectful and polite towards actors and the venue then they run the risk of their experience being cut short.

If drinking isn't your thing, don't worry. The Alcotraz experience is exactly the same for non-drinkers as a huge part of your time behind bars is the immersive storyline that unfolds around you where you can interact with the storylines and the actors. For those not drinking liquor, there is no need to smuggle anything in and instead, you will receive x 4 expertly crafted mocktails included within the ticket price!

Unfortunately, our Brighton Cell Block is not currently accessible for wheelchair users.