Can we just walk-in or is it reservations only?

Inmates within Alcotraz must be convicted in advance with a pre-purchased ticket.


How much liquor should I bring?


Our inmates have found that a 70cl bottle of spirit per three guests is the easiest to get past the warden. If coming in groups, please bring as few variations of spirit as possible within the group. Please bring base spirits such as vodka, gin, rum, tequila or whisky.

Alcotraz operates a closed bottle policy meaning we will not accept any bottles previously opened.

Is there a minimum/maximum table size?

There is no minimum table size. The prisons are arranged into a visitation area and cells. The visitation area is perfect for groups of two. Our cells are designed for up to six guests. If above six in a group we will do our best to seat your group in adjacent or opposite cells.


Is it scary?


Alcotraz is an immersive cocktail bar experience but is not scary. We have actors working inside the prison who help bring to life a fun, lighthearted experience for guests. If at any time guests do not act respectful and polite towards actors and the venue then they run the risk of their experience being cut short. 

Can I cancel my tickets and get a refund?


Unfortunately we do not have a refunds or cancellation policy, however, it is possible to move your booking to another day if we are given 48 hours notice prior to your visit. In order to do this, please email thewarden@alcotraz.co.uk 

How long do we get in the prison?


All sentences at all venues last 1 hour 45 mins from the time of reservation.

What happens if I am running late?

If you are late to your sentence and have a ticket you will still be processed, however, your sentence will still end at your original finish time.

How many cocktails do we get during our time in the prison?

Our working inmates will smuggle you approximately 4 rounds of drinks for your gang within your time in the prison.

How much does entry cost?


There is a £34.99 fee when convicted for 1 hour 45 minutes within a prison.

What is your age policy?

Alcotraz is an Adult Offenders Institution and, therefore, you must be aged 18 or over.

How do I book?


Please book via our website and be sure to choose the correct venue you wish to visit. 

Does Alcotraz Serve Food?


Due to bad behaviour guests will not be served food.

What is the music policy?

Prison radio is restricted although every now and again an inmate seems to have figured out how to change the frequency.

What should I wear?


Before you enter you will be required to put on a provided orange inmates jumpsuit over your clothes. This is to ensure you are easily identifiable to avoid escape until released. Please wear light clothing. 

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