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Prison Cocktail Bar Cardiff

Behind the hustle and bustle of the Welsh capital is an alluring, hush-hush, immersive prison bar experience like no other. Cardiff’s secret cocktail speakeasy is for rule-breakers only; do the crime, sneak in your liquor past the Warden, and spend the night in the clink with your favourite reprobates. Grab your gang and line up behind the metal detector, it’s time to get incarcerated.

"We had a fantastic time! The actors were amazing and it was incredibly fun...from cleaning chores to library duties. Cocktails were to die for too!"
Wendy Google
"The most fun i’ve ever had in Cardiff. I thought I’d experienced everything worth experiencing in the city, but this is honestly the most fun activity to do with friends that I have done. Highly recommend!"
Samantha Google
"It was brilliant even before the performance started. It made you feel a part of a movie or TV show! We would all highly recommend this to all!!"
Chris TripAdvisor

What to expect

Get ready for a hidden, hands-on encounter of the criminal kind where you’ll live and breathe an exciting theatrical prison experience. Alcotraz Cell Block Nine-One is Cardiff’s only secret prison cocktail bar that is about to transform your nights out. Step into the den of crooks, and get ready to serve time. Bypass the historic sites and take on the Warden instead.

Once you’ve received your sentence, you and your fellow inmates will be lured into the world of an underground bootlegging gang and given strict instructions: smuggle your liquor of choice into the heart of Alcotraz. You’ll need your best poker face when you come across the Warden, but don’t worry, the guards are crooked and are just as invested in getting your contraband inside as you are.

After being led to your cells, the ‘serving’ mixologists will use your liquor to create a series of delicious, bespoke cocktails. There’s no menu in prison, but we guarantee these drinks won’t disappoint.

Beyond the booze, get ready for a rich and exciting experience as you become an integral part of one of our many Alcotraz storylines. Be swept away in this immersive event as our first class actors, mind-blowing real jail cells and prison radio ensnare your senses and transport you into a night like no other. There’s even an opportunity to take on an additional role; be an inmate, janitor or even the mole and follow one of our enthralling stories.

Whether you’re celebrating impending nuptials at a hen party, forgoing the traditional nine-to-five for a team building night out like no other, meeting for the first time on a date, or toasting to another year – your Alcotraz cell and jumpsuit awaits.


So much more than a bar…

Forget your typical bar scene, Alcotraz Cardiff offers a night out unlike any other. While our expert mixologists can whip up incredible cocktails using your smuggled-in liquor, they’re also masters of crafting delicious mocktails.

This isn’t just about grabbing a drink at a crowded table; step into our meticulously detailed jail cell sets, complete with jumpsuits for a truly immersive experience. From the moment you arrive, the entire Alcotraz team – all professional actors – dedicate themselves to bringing you an unforgettable night filled with top-notch entertainment. No two experiences are the same – you, the guest, become the main character in an ever-evolving storyline.

Do you crave an active role in a daring plan to overthrow the Warden? Or maybe you’d prefer to relax in your cell and soak up the show? Whatever your style, Alcotraz has something for everyone.

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Visiting Hours

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Unit 9a Brewery Quarter, Caroline St, Cardiff, CF10 1AD

How to get there

However you choose to enjoy your night out in Cardiff, it’s quick and easy to make your way to Alcotraz for a night behind bars that you’ll never forget.

By train

No matter where you’re coming from in the UK, it’s incredibly easy to get to Alcotraz Cardiff. You’ll find us just a five minute stroll from Cardiff Central train station, or a 13 minute walk from Cardiff Queen Street station, or a seven minute drive if you fancy hopping in a taxi to get here a bit quicker.

By car

If your journey to us involves a car, there’s plenty of places to park within walking distance of Alcotraz Cardiff:

  • NCP Cardiff Westgate Street
  • St David’s Centre Parking
  • Car Park Cardiff Central Station
  • Cardiff Central Riverside Car Park
  • NCP Cardiff Rapports


For processing and conviction, we recommend that you wear light clothing as you will be required to wear a standard-issue Alcotraz orange jumpsuit (provided) for the duration of your stay.

Your experience will last 1 hour 45 minutes, and inmates will be provided with their own orange jumpsuit for the duration of their time behind bars.

Our standard-issue Alcotraz jumpsuits cater to all inmates, with sizes ranging from XS to 4XL. Please note that you are free to wear your jumpsuit as you wish to make it more comfortable, such as tying the arms around your waist.

The inmates you come across behind bars are highly skilled mixologists, and they work best with smuggled spirits. But, if you prefer wine or beer, this can also be served to you… If you can get it past the Warden.

Alcotraz operates a closed bottle policy, meaning we will not accept any bottles previously opened. Please only bring new, unopened and sealed bottles.

Inmates get approximately 4 personalised cocktails delivered by our expert mixologists, using the liquor you smuggle in with you. All liqueurs, bitters, syrups and other ingredients that go into making your gang delicious cocktails are included in the ticket price, so all you need to bring is the liquor of your choice.

Alcotraz is an immersive experience where guests get absorbed into a storyline that is brought to life around them through characters including the Warden, the Guards and inmate Cassidy - all played by actors.

Those that really want to get involved will soon be trying out their American accent and telling the Warden what they are in for!

Those that would prefer to sit back and enjoy are welcome to do that too, whilst enjoying personalised cocktails in this unique and fun world.

Alcotraz may be an immersive experience, but is not scary. We have actors working inside the prison who help bring to life a fun, lighthearted experience for guests. However, if at any time guests do not act respectful and polite towards actors and the venue then they run the risk of their experience being cut short.

If drinking isn't your thing, don't worry. The Alcotraz experience is exactly the same for non-drinkers as a huge part of your time behind bars is the immersive storyline that unfolds around you where you can interact with the storylines and the actors. For those not drinking liquor, there is no need to smuggle anything in and instead, you will receive x 4 expertly crafted mocktails included within the ticket price!

Our Cardiff Cell Block is fully wheelchair accessible. If you or a member of your party is attending with a wheelchair user, please contact us after your booking with your booking number.