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Private Party Venue Hire in Cardiff

It’s almost impossible to tell from the hustle and bustle of the city, but behind the doors of Alcotraz Cell Block Nine-One – on a seemingly innocent Cardiff street – you’ll find the most unique and exciting private venue for hire that the capital has ever seen. Oh, and did we mention, it can be all yours to enjoy in private.

"This was such a good night and one of the best parties I've ever had. It felt like being in a really well done speakeasy basement bar prison. I would never have guessed a prison would become such a great party venue but I'd happily attend a private event here again! Thanks again to all the staff who took care of us."
James DesignMyNight
"One of the best venues for the price that I have ever booked. The story created around you is completely immersive and the cocktails were great and just kept coming. We were so happy we chose to spend our work night out at Alcotraz."
Anita Google
"We booked a ton of indoor activities and live music events for our team building week but nothing was quite as good as this. It doesn't get moor indoor than locked up and we were happy to go to jail if the cocktails tasted that good. Thank you all the staff at Alcotraz for a brilliant event!"
Sam Tripadvisor

You’ve probably been to a few parties in your time, but have they ever been behind bars? Well at Alcotraz they are, and there’s simply no other private venue in Cardiff quite like it. Step through the metal detector and into Alcotraz speakeasy; an immersive and theatrical experience where you become part of the story. We promise to entertain throughout your stint in the clink with real jail cells, incredible actors, jumpsuits and – the main event – contraband cocktails.

If you’re looking to impress people with a night they’ll never forget for any upcoming event – perhaps a private photoshoot or videography filming, a corporate Christmas party or even a pre-nuptial celebration with a huge flock of hens – our private hire options for Alcotraz Cardiff ticks all the boxes. We’re here when the function room just doesn’t cut it.


Not your average private hire…

Unlike crowded bars, Alcotraz puts you centre stage. Step into our meticulously detailed jail cell sets, complete with orange jumpsuits, and become part of the story. From the moment you arrive, the entire Alcotraz team – all professional actors – dedicates themselves to bringing your private event to life with top-notch entertainment. No two experiences are the same – you and your guests become the main characters in an ever-evolving storyline.

And all this can be enjoyed with tasty bespoke cocktails, or mocktails depending on your tipple of choice.

Whether you crave being involved in a daring plan to overthrow the Warden or you’d prefer to relax in your cells, sip your drink and soak up the show, Alcotraz has something for everyone. We offer private hire options to tailor the experience perfectly for your group, making it a night to remember.


Entire Penitentiary – Up to 60 inmates.

Visiting Hours:

Monday to Friday – Available for hire all day and evening.
Saturday – No options for hire.
Sunday – Available for hire all day and evening.

Private Hire Options

Choose one of our 4 options for hire based on the duration you would like and whether you would like an all-inclusive package or would rather smuggle your own alcohol. Below pricing is for mid-week hires. Friday and Sunday pricing can be provided on request.

1 Hour 45 Minute Hire

Option 1

All Inclusive:

1 hour 45 minute immersive theatrical experience with live actors and skilled mixologists.

4 cocktails / drinks included from the prison canteen.

£56 per person.

1 Hour 45 Minute Hire

Option 2

Smuggle-In Your Own Alcohol:

1 hour 45 minute immersive theatrical experience with live actors and skilled mixologists.

Smuggle in your own spirit bottles, beer and wine and the prison canteen will serve up to 4 cocktails/drinks for you.

£36 per person.

4 Hour Hire

Option 3

All Inclusive:

2 hour immersive theatrical experience with live actors and skilled mixologists. 3 cocktails / drinks included.

2 hour open venue hire to allow mingling between guests with 3 more cocktails / drinks and pizza.

£99 per person.

Add On

Option 4

Smuggle-In Your Own Alcohol:

2 hour immersive theatrical experience with live actors and skilled mixologists.

2 hour open venue hire to allow mingling between guests with pizza.

Smuggle in your own spirit bottles, beer and wine and the prison canteen will serve up to 6 cocktails/drinks for you.

£69 per person.


No matter what option you choose, feel free to let us know if you want to make the experience extra memorable by assigning anyone in your party their own unique character. Choose from the options of ‘the janitor’, ‘the mole’ or ‘the escape artist’ and watch them play out an integral part of the immersive storyline

For any option we would require to charge for a minimum of 40 guests, even if fewer attended. However, depending on the day and time booked, we may be able to accommodate fewer than 40 guests.

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For processing and conviction, we recommend that you wear light clothing as you will be required to wear a standard-issue Alcotraz orange jumpsuit (provided) for the duration of your stay.

Your experience can last for up to four hours, and inmates will be provided with their own orange jumpsuit for the duration of their time behind bars.

Our standard-issue Alcotraz jumpsuits cater to all inmates, with sizes ranging from XS to 4XL. Please note that you are free to wear your jumpsuit as you wish to make it more comfortable, such as tying the arms around your waist.

The inmates you come across behind bars are highly skilled mixologists, and they work best with smuggled spirits. But, if you prefer wine or beer, this can also be served to you… If you can get it past the Warden.

Alcotraz is an immersive experience where guests get absorbed into a storyline that is brought to life around them through characters including the Warden, the Guards and inmate Cassidy - all played by actors.

Those that really want to get involved will soon be trying out their American accent and telling the Warden what they are in for!

Those that would prefer to sit back and enjoy are welcome to do that too, whilst enjoying personalised cocktails in this unique and fun world.

Alcotraz may be an immersive experience, but is not scary. We have actors working inside the prison who help bring to life a fun, lighthearted experience for guests. However, if at any time guests do not act respectful and polite towards actors and the venue then they run the risk of their experience being cut short.

If drinking isn't your thing, don't worry. The Alcotraz experience is exactly the same for non-drinkers as a huge part of your time behind bars is the immersive storyline that unfolds around you where you can interact with the storylines and the actors. For those not drinking liquor, there is no need to smuggle anything in and instead, you will receive x 4 expertly crafted mocktails included within the ticket price!

Our Cardiff Cell Block is fully wheelchair accessible. If your party is attending with a wheelchair user, please contact us after your booking with your booking number.