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Cell Block Two-One-Two, London

Work Night Out London

London just got criminal. Alcotraz Penitentiary is the bar behind bars and an exceptional immersive theatre experience for the whole office. With prison blocks across four cities, and our flagship venue in London, this iconic experience in the heart of the city invites your whole team to go to prison for all the right reasons and enjoy cocktails throughout the sentence!

"We had the best time at Alcotraz in London. Our group was split into separate cells which was a fun way to get to know my group better. We were given equipment to help smuggle in our contraband and we got what we didn't drink given back to us."
Anita DesignMyNight
"As a team we had done escape rooms, flight club and a few other activities in London before but Alcotraz was the perfect venue for a something completely different and was so much fun as a team. We had been flight club during the day and Alcotraz was a great end to a fun day out."
James Google
"The perfect experience for teammates and a great place to bond with the work. The team involved got the whole group involved and the "chicken soup" was amazing."
Sam TripAdvisor
"We had to complete challenges as part of the experience which was so much fun and a bit of friendly competition amongst our group. We went right after visiting a ball pit experience so we were ready for a drink by the time we got to Alcotraz and every round was as delicious as the last."
Jackie DesignMyNight

About Our Immersive Team Building Activity

Inspired by Hollywood Film and TV that have brought to life popular prison stories, Alcotraz in London is a theatrical immersive experience of the highest kind, perfectly suited to teams that like to use their ideas and creativity to enhance the story and have great fun along the way. Alcotraz venues are more than just themed cocktail bars, they combine the very best of immersive theatre with a cocktail experience and offer you a team building event in London that’s perfect for large groups and corporate occasions.

Featuring high spirits and plenty of hooch to go around the cell blocks, Alcotraz lets your company discover their prison alter-ego and challenges them to smuggle their alcohol past the Warden and into the hands of the cocktail making convicts in the kitchen. Be as creative as you can with your attempts to smuggle-in liquor.

What To Expect?

When you visit Alcotraz, you step into a prison sentence as a convict whose crimes caught up with you. Whilst your accomplices might expect more regular corporate events in London, organising a stint in prison in the name of team building gives guests the chance to explore their imaginations, forget the office and develop a reputation as a hustler behind bars.

Whether you want to spend your sentence scheming against the Warden, or simply enjoy a drink in the clink. Alcotraz offers the perfect packages for you and your teammates with fun missions and personalised plot lines that completely incorporate you and your whole company into the story. Plus the alcohol you successfully smuggled inside will be served to you in delicious cocktails throughout.

Throughout, you and your colleagues will be interacted with by our amazing performers, catering the entire event to your team building and aiding in the bootlegging business around you.

So get ready to step-back in time inside an American prison and grab your colleagues for a work party you will be talking about for the rest of your 25 to life.

Brand New Location

Alcotraz London is relocating to a brand new amazing flagship site from the 1st November 2022. As such:

Any bookings or hires prior to the 1st November 2022 will be located at 212 Brick Lane, E1 6SA with a capacity of 85 inmates.

Any bookings or hires after the 1st November will be located at our brand new location, Unit 3B, Rosewood Building, Hackney Road, E2 8GY, with a capacity of 180 inmates.

Looking for a private hire?

Up to the challenge of rioting through Alcotraz? For groups under 30 in size simply book online. For groups over 30 we recommend privately hiring the whole prison to yourselves, unlocking the ability to have pre-arranged liquor and prison pizza rations. Find more information on Private Hire below. No options for hire Friday evening or Saturday anytime.

Our Nationwide Immersive Team Building Activities

Activities in London with Alcotraz are great, but If London is not the right city for your work team, please check out one of our other locations below. With two locations in the south, perhaps our Brighton Penitentiary will be better suited.